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Learn what the 3 Phase of the COVID-19 crisis mean for your business. 

Our purpose is to help small businesses identify the areas that will help them come out of the COVID-19 crisis stronger than they were before. 

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Learn what the 3 Phases of the COVID-19 Crisis mean for your business. 


A GLOBAL novel virus that keeps us contained in our homes is already reorienting our relationship to the outside world, and even to each other. The changes we expect to see in the coming months or years are unsettling. Will businesses and schools stay closed? Will touch become taboo? What will become of restaurants, concerts, festivals and events?  What businesses will survive? What industries will be transformed, and what does recovery look like in this new world?

PHASE I: Navigating a Crisis

PHASE I Consumer Sentiment: ​

  • FEAR is driving consumer sentiment. 

  • Low levels of economic activity taking place. 

  • Shelter in place and social distancing mentality. 

  • People are looking inward.

  • People are making many of their current purchases online

PHASE I: Recommendations ​

  • Work on passive grants and relief opportunities

  • Show empathy and sensitivity.

  • Be playful as appropriate and encourage the audience to have fun.

  • Consistent messaging to audience and fans to maintain connection.

  • Communicate effectively with teams even if you don’t have answers. 

  • Plan for a different future. Look at your business differently as there are new challenges and new opportunities. 

  • Promotion should be limited to supporting community & supporting audience. 

  • Reassess cleaning and sterilization practices.

  • Consider supply chain interruptions

PHASE II: Bouncing Back

PHASE II Consumer Sentiment: ​

  • As crisis ends and “unthaws” we expect it to happen incrementally. Everything will not “OPEN” at one time. 

  • Consumer groups will respond in different ways to different businesses as confidence returns. 

  • Gen. Z, M, Gen. X - pent up demand may result in a strong bounce back after having been isolated.  “Let’s go out and do something”. 

  • Boomers may be slower to respond as infection fear remains.  

PHASE II: Recommendations ​

PHASE III: Succeeding in a New Normal

PHASE III Consumer Sentiment: ​

  • Once social distancing ends, business restrictions have been removed, and people go back to their full activities we will still be left with a shaken economy.

  • Consumer confidence is likely to take years to totally recover.

  • Disposable income may be impacted for many Americans.

PHASE III Recommendations: ​


Our purpose is to help small businesses identify the areas that will help them come out of the COVID-19 crisis stronger than they were before. 

Need help navigating this crisis and developing a thoughtful and effective response to business after COVID-19?

Seeking an opportunity to help businesses thrive in a time of unknowns and assist in stimulating your local communities economy? 

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