Whether you are a restaurant looking to draw more customers or an entertainment venue looking to increase food and beverage sales, Audience Media Group can help.  We have helped rebrand and grow some of the top restaurants in the world.  



Audience Media Group provides consulting and hands-on assistance with any aspect of your restaurant’s operation. Our team has leveraged its experience and expertise to help owners in all aspects of the business. From opening a new concept to turning around an underperforming operation, we can help.

For clients we offer expansive consulting on topics including:

  • Menu Items

  • Food/Drink Pricing

  • Creating Premium Items

  • Reducing Food Cost

  • Branding and Website Consulting

  • How to  Increase the Average Ticket 

menu design & development 

Designing a menu isn’t as simple as making a list of everything you want to sell and adding a price. There are certain things that make a menu more effective and increase your sales. Not all parts of the menu real estate are equal.  Pricing on the menu and price increases are very important.  We help you determine where to put the money makers, favorites, and many other items.  We have helped clients grow their revenue by just changing the layout on a menu. 


The world has changed for restaurants over the last several years.  You can no longer rely on a great billboard or magazine ad to reach new customers.  Technology is increasingly becoming an important part of restaurant marketing.  The right ingredients must be used to reach people online and through social media.  In today’s digital world, engaging with guests, their pictures, check-ins, and reviews, is something that requires a team of experienced community managers, a solid strategy and plan. 

Nam Cafe is a local restaurant in the heart of Northgate in College Station, TX that needed marketing help to stay in business and have customers easily order online to pickup food safely. After partnering with Nam Cafe we created an online ordering system, a branding format, new website, advertising and reporting.

digital video advertisements

social content and promotions

website design

When El Sid Taqueria was looking to launch their new restaurant they asked Audience Media Group to help them build a user friendly website.  Today, over 80% of websites are visited by a smart phone.  This number has been increasing every year.  The website must be fast and mobile friendly so potential customers can quickly get the information they need.  Audience Media Group has built over 100 fast mobile-friendly sites this year. 

food photography

It’s true when chefs say that we eat with our eyes first. Professional photography is a must for any restaurant or venue selling food.  The basic human need for food draws us into a brand image of food, while our more complex thoughts about “what food should look like” can control our feelings.






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