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We Are Creative Consultants With a Passion For Results!

Audience Media is first and foremost, a creative growth consultancy. We began working with unique destinations and events across the U.S. and Canada in 2014. We work with theme parks, adventure parks, festivals, fairs, wineries, venues, tourism, adventure- tourism, agri-tourism and more. We help our clients leverage cutting edge social, digital, and mobile marketing to improve experiences, drive attendance, and increase revenues and profitability.

Why choose Audience Media Group?

There are so many

marketing companies out there

why should you pick Audience Media Group?

Two Audience Media Group employees posing in front of a photo opportunity with pumpkins at Bloomsbury, one of Audience Media Group's clients.


We began in 2014 and have been working for the largest and fastest growing destinations, events, festivals, and fairs across the U.S. and Canada. Through our experience, we have deep insight on how to bring your business to the next level. 

A photo of two Audience Media Group employees posing with the fake snow from Santa's Wonderland in front of two Christmas light trees.


We are constantly reevaluating our strategies to ensure that you get the best results. With our expansive services we are able to grow your business inside and out.

Two Audience Media Group employees with slushees posing in front of a ferris wheel located at one of our clients' farms.


We treat our team and our clients as if they were family. Unlike other marketing companies, we are personally attached to your success and growth.

Two Audience Media Group employees with ice cream cones taking a selfie in front of a red truck by a barn with the Texas flag painted on it.

Let's Help You Grow!

Now is the time to grow your business. Let Audience Media Group help you exceed your growth expectations. 

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