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Audience Media Team


Job Title: Marketing Coordinator

Remote Full-Time Position

Reports to: Marketing Manager, Senior Marketing Manager, or Growth Consultant

Job Summary: A Marketing Coordinator is a reliable "quarterback" for their clients. You, with assistance and oversight from your direct manager, are in charge of managing and executing all aspects of your clients' campaigns. Your job is to manage up to 5 accounts and execute all aspects of your campaigns. You have the responsibility to contribute strategic ideas to evolve strategy, analyze data, and oversee all aspects of the contract. Your top three priorities are (1) developing professional and strong client relationships, (2) executing campaigns and strategy, and (3) learning from your marketing manager. You are a reliable cornerstone for your supervisor and clients.

Next Steps: As a Marketing Coordinator, our goal for you is to learn the ins and outs of what it takes to make a campaign successful, how to create and maintain strong client relationships, and eventually grow into a marketing manager. We encourage you to be self-motivated, to think strategically, and to take the reigns on all of your accounts. We need to trust the work that you do, and want to see you take the initiative to take on more responsibility and begin needing less oversight.


With the oversight of your manager, your primary responsibilities will include executing the contracts and campaigns.

  • Ads and ad updates

    • As you grow as a coordinator, you will be in charge of carrying out the strategy and be expected to make recommendations on how to improve the ads​

  • Financial planning and spending

  • Client agendas

    • Planning agendas​

    • Weekly agendas

  • New website pages and general website updates

  • Email campaigns

  • Using content from our production team such as videos, graphics, website builds, and brand updates

  • End of season reports

  • Content calendars

  • Ticketing

  • Campaign visions

  • Client communication

    • Consistently communicating the campaign's status to the client and anticipating their needs​

    • Developing a close and personal relationship

  • Social media content

  • Assisting in onboarding new clients

  • Planning photo & video shoots for clients, such as creating shot lists

  • Social service communication; you are responsible for relaying client updates and any real-time issues to the team and ensuring that things are being completed on time


  • A creative self-learner who is comfortable with both collaboration and self-driven work

  • Having the ability to lead when necessary

  • A passion for using technology to influence audiences

  • A work approach filled with enthusiasm, discipline, and professionalism

  • Detail-oriented with strong written and verbal communication skills

  • Interest in learning new digital marketing skills to grow with changing trends

  • A familiarity with mainstream social media platforms, including but not limited to, Facebook, TikTok, and Instagram

  • Experience with video editing and graphic software is a plus

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