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The Attraction vs. The Experience: What Do Consumers Want?

Updated: Feb 9

In an era where we are now starting to cater to the interests of our younger generations while hosting events, it can be hard to correctly identify their preferences, especially in a world as ever-changing as ours. So, you may often be finding yourself wondering what your new audiences may be seeking in events they attend. Thanks to a new nationwide survey done by ASM Global, we have been given amazing insights into what our Gen Z and Millennial audiences want, and we're pleased to share them with you here.

Most notably, the biggest takeaway is that it's not necessarily about the event, it's about the experience of the event. People are looking for something where the ambiance, emotional connection, and unique moments surrounding the event are as significant as the main draw or the main event. So, how can these insights help you and your approach?

While designing your event, create an immersive environment. Don't just put your focus into the main draw of your event; engage all five senses. Think of what people will see, hear, feel, taste, and smell. Think of the food and drinks you will offer (does it match the theme of your event?) and the decor you will use (does it make sense for your event?). You also want to try to cultivate emotional connections to your event; create moments that will resonate with your audience like personalized experiences or photo opportunities for social interaction.

It's also important to offer unique and memorable moments through your event; bring in guest appearances or provide a unique culinary experience for your audience. Things like this will bring your audience back, and keep them talking about your event after they leave to go home. In that vein, make sure you elevate your food and beverage options. Through the survey, AMG Global found that there's growing demand for more diverse and creative culinary choices. Offering a variety of options (such as health-conscious or those catering to people with special dietary needs), especially ones that go with the theme of your event, can signally enhance the experience of your event.

Finally, it's always important, no matter what you're planning, to prioritize the safety and well-being of your consumers. Especially in a post-pandemic world, a commitment to cleanliness and safety is almost non-negotiable. Make sure your event adheres to extremely high levels of safety, which helps your audience feel secure and cared for.

We feel it's important to say that these insights don't just indicate a trend that will come go; this is the future of event experiences. By integrating these elements, your events will cater to and attract these younger generations and provide them with the enriched experiences they desire.

If you want to elevate your events to the next level, Audience Media Group is always here to support you. We'll help you implement these insights and strategies to captivate your audience and keep them coming back for more.


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